The Tangible Trace

Tarrawarra Museum of Art
June/September 2019
Victoria, Australia

The Tangible Trace, explores the notion of a trace as a residue or marker of a place, situation or body of knowledge. The exhibition includes the works of Francis Alÿs (Belgium/Mexico), Carlos Capelán (Uruguay/Sweden), Simryn Gill (Singapore/Malaysia/Australia), Shilpa Gupta (India), Hiwa K (Iraq/Germany) and Sangeeta Sandrasegar (Australia), including newly commissioned works by Capelán, Gupta and Sandrasegar.

Curator Victoria Lynn said, ‘The artists in this exhibition explore the concept of trace through tangible fragments – natural materials, pressings, mappings, markings, journeys and gestures. The artworks in The Tangible Trace are about sensations that exist in the world: they can be seen, felt and experienced in our real environments. They are not imagined. They are material, situated and responsive.’

Selfportrait_as_a_Museum, acrylic on canvas
Selfportrait as a Museum and Map of the World (Thursday)
Fling and I_Wish_I_Could_Shimmy_Like_My_Sister_Kate_(External-Love)
acrylic on canvas
I_Wish_I_Could_Shimmy_Like_My_Sister_Kate_(External-Love) 2019
acrylic on canvas
Map_of_the_World_(Thursday), 2019 acrylic on paper,
Private Collection
Victoria Linn, curator and head of the Art Museum